For all of those who went to Mexico with us this should bring back some memories.
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Eliza decided that my camera needed a bath. So while I was distracted doing something else she pulled my camera out of my purse and ran it under water. AHHHHH!!!!! I tried to take it apart as much as I could so that it could dry out but with no such luck. It will turn on and take pictures but the screen is very light. Maybe once I put it back together the pictures will be okay after I put them on the computer. (That is IF I can put it back together) If anyone knows anything about cameras please HELP!!!!! On the plus side this will give me the excuse to pull out my Dad's old SLR camera and play with that again.
After seeing the doctor three times in one week Aubrey is finally feeling better and is caught up with her shots. Last week she started to get cranky, sleepy, and was just not my usual on the go little girl. While we were visiting my parents in Tehachapi my Mom noticed she had a fever. That night it reached 101 degrees and then the next night is got up to 103.5 degrees. She was scheduled to see her pediatrician for a regular well baby check up the next morning so I didn't make another appointment. At her appointment her fever had come down but it was still at 99.9 degrees so the doctor would not give her the shots that she was actually coming in for. The doctor was worried that she had an infection but unable to find. So we were sent over to get a chest x-ray which turned out clear. Then the doctor decided that she wanted more test done to determine the cause of the fever. Originally the doctor wanted me to come back in the next day to see if her temperature continued to go down before she did those test but changed her mind because I had all three kids with me. So after three hours in the doctor's office, urine samples taken, and blood drawn from both arms so that they could get three vials of blood for culture tests we were able to go home. I had a funny felling that after all that her temperature would go down and she would be fine and sure enough throughout the day it slowly returned to normal.

We returned the next day just for a quick check up. All the test that were given came back normal. Her temperature was fine but she still was a little congested so the doctor again sent us home but said to stand with her in a steamy room to break up that congestion so that we could prevent an infection. Now I never thought I would say this but the hardest part of that whole visit was getting out of the doctor's office. While Aubrey was going through all of these test Joshua and Eliza were eating cookies and watching Finding Nemo. Joshua threw a fit and I practically had to drag him to the car. That was a sight to see.

Finally after a week of Aubrey getting better we returned so that she could receive the shots that she was unable to receive the previous week. There she receive two vaccines in each leg. Och! These then caused her to be cranky, feverish, and not to have her usually on the go personality all over again. My poor baby! That first year can be rough.

I am happy to report that she is once again consistently on the move, crawling anywhere that she can get to. Her favorite place in the entire house is the kids bedroom. Usually after laying her down in the front room I return to find her in the bedroom with Joshua and Eliza playing with the toys. We have a great doctor that really cares about my children and their health. She even called a few times during the week just to check up on Aubrey.

Oh I almost forgot. Aubrey now weighs 11lbs 2 oz and is 25 inches tall. She will be 6 months old on the 26 of October.
I'm so excited! James and my Dad are really doing a great job on putting up that wall. It looks great. What do you think? Only a few more things left to do and then we can paint.