Here is the lamp I was telling you about.  I'm not a big fan of the lamp as is but think it would be really cute in a different color.  The other picture is where it is hanging temporarily.  Not sure I like it here yet!  That wall sticking out drives me crazy.  I don't know what to do with it.

Lilly's new curtains that I made out of other curtains.  They were originally hanging long ways.

These are the clothes pin dragonflies that I am making to decorate her curtains and other places in her room.  The colors that I am using in her room are green and purple.

Joshie Start of 1st Grade 
and Soccer
Can you see how super excited he is?  He actually started school back in July but every time I sat down to write a blog something else would come up.  He is on the year round schedule this year which is why he started so early.  The weirdest part was he had three weeks in school and then had his first break.  I actually like the year round better.  It works really well because after 2 weeks of being out Joshie is ready to go back to school and asks everyday if he has school that day.  I don't know how he would every get through 3 months of no school.  His next break is not until Thanksgiving so the weird 3 on and then 3 off is not for the whole year.  He also gets to ride the bus this year to and from school.  That was one of his favorite things about first grade.  Along with eating lunch at school and playing on the big kid playground not once but three times.  His new teacher is Mrs. McClellen and she has the excitement and energy of a new teacher.  Which is great!  Joshie had a little trouble adjusting to a new teacher the first week but has been doing great since.  
Along comes with the start of school also means the start of soccer.  It's nice to be able to give him a chance to use all that energy that he gathers from who knows where.  He has now had 2 games his team has won both of them.  He even got an assist where he kicked the ball across the field through a group of the other team to a team member near the goal who scored!  Way to go TEAM WORK!!
July 27 & Aug 28