Thanks to Heidi, Lilly got some adorable baby pictures taken at about 6 weeks old. There were so many cute ones it was hard not to just share the entire album. Here are a few of my favorites.

Boutique Me Giveaway

My friend, Heidi, is having a giveaway on her blog for her business and I thought I would share the link so that others can see all of her cute stuff. She makes the cutest clips ever! Plus my Lilly is the model for one of her flower clips. Come see all of her stuff and participate in her giveaway.
Aubrey and Lilly's Dr Appointments

Today Aubrey had another check up with the Endocrinologist. For some reason her height and weight has started to level out again. At 2 1/2 she now weighs 21 lbs and is 32 inches tall. Still not on the growth charts yet. The doctor was a little concerned so he ordered an x-ray of her hand to see the age of her bones. They are at 18 months to 2 years which is a good sign. It just means that she is probably just not eating enough and not something seriously wrong. He encouraged us to make sure that she got more calories. Part of her problem is that she is a slow eater and would rather play than eat. She will have another check up with the Endocrinologist in about 4 months and if she still is not gaining weight then he will have some more test done.

Lilly on the other hand does not have the same weight issues that her sister has. She has been gaining weight with no problems. Lilly is now almost 6 weeks old. Wow! Time goes by so fast. When she was only 4 days old she had lost just a little bit of weight and was at 8 lbs 10 oz and 21 inches. By the time she was 2 weeks old she had already gained a pound and was at 9 lbs 11 oz and was 22 inches long.

We had a lot of fun this Halloween. With the new baby I was originally not planning on doing much this year. Borrow some costumes from a friend, go to the ward activity, and then maybe some trick or treating Halloween night. Somehow I found the energy to do a little more and even make the whole family costumes. The week before Halloween, while Aunt Joan and Uncle Russell were visit us from Hawaii we took to Murry Farms. We had never been there before and discovered it was a lot of fun. They had corn mazes, free samples, a large ant farm, corn box, and a hay ride where you got to pick out a pumpkin to take home. The kids had a lot of fun!

Then during the week of Halloween our ward had a Halloween party and Trunk or Treat on Tuesday Night. I barely got everyone's costumes done by the time of the trunk or treat. As we have done almost every year we had a family theme. I love coming up with costumes for the whole family to wear. It started out with the girls being flowers. Each girl a different kind and color flower. I thought it would be really simple to make them petal headbands and cute tutu skirts. Then from there the idea to make Joshua a weed, James a scarecrow, and me the gardener came about. At the trunk or treat James and Lilly past out candy from our decorated van while I took the other three around to all of the other cars.

Finally to top off Halloween week we orignially were going to take the kids trick or treating but got invited to go to our next door neighbor's church's trunk or treat. We figured it would be a small activity so we were only going to stop by to show or neighbor the kids costumes. It turned out that it was a huge Fall Carnival with a hay maze, carnival games, trunk or treat, train ride, bounce house, bouce slide and lots of free food and candy. We ended up staying there the whole time and still didn't do everything that they had. The whole week was a lot of fun but for some reason was over really fast. No I need someone to take some really cute pictures of my girls in their tutu costumes. Mine didn't come out as nice as I hoped. Maybe one day I will get a nice SLR camera. One can only hope!

Baby Picture Answers

1. Aubrey
2. Lilly
3. Joshua
4. Eliza

Can you tell which baby is which?

1. 2.

3. 4.
Lilly Elaine is Here!!!

Finally 10 days past her due date she finally has arrived.

Sunday, October 4, 2009
10: 11 PM

8lbs 15oz
21 1/2 in

So far she has already attended her own baby shower, went to church for the first time and is all ready for Halloween. Okay well almost ready. Mommy still has to make her Halloween costume. She did wear her first Halloween outfit though and looked so cute in it. Her middle name, Elaine, comes from her Great Grandmother Mansius.

Baby Name Polls

I'm getting close to my due date so I thought it would be fun to have a baby name poll. (Since we have not decided on names yet) I'm curious what everyone thinks. I'm what to hear what you think of my names and would love to hear your ideas. James just shrugs his shoulders every time I ask him about names. The poll is to the right.

I also started a Baby pool which I did with Aubrey and it was a lot of fun to see all of your guesses of how big she was going to be and the date and time she would arrive.
My Oldest Goes off to School
(Not going to cry!)

No I didn't cry but I still can't believe my little boy is already going to school. He started Kindergarten on Monday and loved it. He was so excited! On Sunday night he was all ready to go with clothes laid out and his backpack and shoes by the door. He wanted to go to school right then and there and was MAD at me because I would not let him go until Monday. I would have gladly let him go. When Monday FINALLY came the whole family walked him to school. At his class he went right on in only took a moment to wave a goodbye. The girls and I have walked him to school since then. (Though I don't know how much longer that will last) His teacher is Mrs Yachovich and he gets to go to AM Kindergarten. My favorite part of the day is when we pick him up and he is so excited to see his sisters and they are so excited to see him. The kindergarten schedule on top of his new soccer schedule is taking some getting used to but I know before long I will have it figured out. The bee in the last picture is because he was so good on Thursday that he got to take the Super Bee home for the night. He would not let it out of his sight and took it with him everywhere we went including soccer practice.

By the way anyone who is interested he has is first soccer game this Saturday, August 29 at 11:00 am at CSUB. Come and watch him play!

33 Week
Pregnancy # 4 Update

I can't believe that I'm at 33 weeks already! I feel like I have gained a ton of weight which hey I have but actually have lost 2 pounds in the past two weeks. My iron levels dropped drastically in the last couple of weeks and they are now having me taking iron pills. Sounds about like every other pregnancy I have had. Right now the doctor says that the baby is measuring a little big but that was about all I could get out of him. Not my usual doctor so I will have to ask again when I see the nurse practitioner who is very good at answering all my questions in detail. I'm feeling pretty good right now except I can't sit for long periods of time. The baby is head down so the feet are up kicking at my rib cage so when I sit down I get a pain just below my rib cage. I guess I should be glad that the baby is head down and was told that the baby would probably stay that way from now on.

With two months shy of outgrowing our little Toyota Corolla I finally got my van. We actually ended up with a 2004 Nissan Quest. James was excited because it didn't look like a van. I was excited because I not only didn't have to drive James to work anytime that I needed the car but I could fit more then 5 people at one time. Take a look at my new used car.


Thanks to my parents this month we had a mini Fitzgerald reunion. We got to spend a week in Las Vegas with Grandma and Grandpa Dansby, Mom and Dad Fitzgerald, Amber (sister) and her two cute kids, and my youngest brother, Kory. We missed a few that could not go becuase of jobs but maybe next time.

Our first tourist stop was the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Usually when you take their tour you get to see how they make different types of chocolates. Of course we went on Saturday and they had nothing running. We did get to go through the self guided tour and got a free piece of chocolate at the end. This was the kid's favorite part. My niece, Evelyn, was so excited after sleeping through the whole thing that she got two pieces of chocolate. This is one of those places that we would go see every year when we went to go visit my Granparents in Vegas so it was a fun memory.

Since James and I lived in Vegas for about a year we had a few good friends back in the Desert Sage ward so we decided that the best way to go and visit everyone was to attend our old ward. It was a lot of fun catching up with old friends and seeing how the ward was doing. After church we also went up to see the Las Vegas Temple. It is a very beautiful temple with very unique temple spires. The kids always get excited seeing temples because they say that they are Heavenly Father's castles. I didn't get any pictures that day because I didn't have a memory card but I know my sister did so as soon as I get them from her I will post them.

On Monday we decided to take our Princes and Princesses to see to see the Excalabur Castle. The girls were so excited to be inside a castle and the boys were just excited about the games. We took the kids downstairs and let them go crazy with all of the fun games. Even after they ran out of money they still enjoyed pretending to play with the games.


After living in Vegas for about a year we thought we had seen just about everything there was to see but we were wrong. The Lied's Children's Museum is something that I wished I had discovered a long time ago and taking the kids to many times. When we asked Joshua what his favorite part of the whole trip was this was it. He was just all over that place and we hardly could contain all his energy. They got to stand inside large bubbles, fly airplanes, send balls shotting through tubes, experience 78 mile an hour winds, be firefighters, tried to lift their own body weight, and even got to be on a green screen. They had so much fun that we within minutes of getting in the car all three (Yes even Joshua) were fast asleep.

Another must do when you go to Las Vegas is eat at a buffett. There are probably more buffetts in Vegas alone than in the rest of the US. My favorite buffett is not even on the strip. It is called the Fiesta Buffett at the Fiesta Casino. In the course of the same week I went from eating at the best buffett ever to one of the worst ever. The funny part was that the bad one was the expensive one. $18 bucks for Joshua alone!! Plus we could not even get him to eat anything because he didn't like anything there. Oh well!


One night thanks to Grandma Nani and Papa us adults (okay it is still weird to think of my little brother as an adult. Sorry Kory!) got to go and see a show. We choose to see Nathan Burton's Magic Show at the Flamingo due to their great price and their combo deal with their buffett. He turned out to be really good and had some really good guests on his show. As it turns out he also was on America's Got Talent and according to my sister made it through.


Now I told you what Joshua's favorite part was this day was Eliza's. And just like Joshua if she had the chance she would have stayed here all day. We took the kids over to the aquarium at the Silverton. It was very big with a lot of different fish. They also had a mermaid visit every half an hour. Eliza got the chance to sit and chat with two different mermaids. What a day!

And finally no trip would be complete without seeing the Fountains at Belogio. Out of the five kids Eliza was the only one not frightened or startled by the first show. But by the second show all five kids were asking for another show.

Probably the all time favorite activity from the entire group was swimming in the pool. We were in one of the three pools at least every day that week. It was so hot there (110 plus) that the pool was the best place to be. And surprisingly we made it through the whole week without anyone getting sunburned. That is a first!!! We had a great week and were so excited spending so much time with the family. I can't wait to do it again! We came home Friday evening but that is a story for another blog!

Also for more pics and info check out my sister's blog about our trip.