We don't make it to Tehachapi/Bakersfield often enough but when we do we have a lot of fun!  One of the biggest reasons for going on this trip was the Color Me Rad 5K Fun Run.  I'm not really a big runner.  In fact I avoided most sports that involved running most of my life.  I had been running recently in order to stay healthy and it's true on the days that I do run I have more energy.  Both my Mom and my sister, Amber, were running in this Fun Run and somehow they convinced me to run in it as well.  I thought I was ready for it and I was but I got so nervous and didn't do so well.  I did finish and it was fun!!!  Throughout the race there are people throwing color at you and by the end you are VERY COLORFUL!!!

 Afterwards we save a few of our color packets and attacked the kids!

 That day we also had a birthday party for Penelope (my adorable niece) and I.  Then later that night went to an activity at a nearby park that had a bounce house, water slide, and face painting!