One of My Current Projects
Lilly's Room

I got a cute Amber Glass lamp from my Aunt Joan last summer and thought it would be cute in Lilly's room but when I went to hang it up it looked out of place.  I thought because of the color so I sent a picture to the GREATEST INTERIOR DESIGNER (One of two), MY GRANDMA DANSBY,  to see what she thought.  She suggested that I run ribbon through the chain to add other colors so that it would blend in with the rest of the room.  I think it came out really cute.  I even attempted to make curtains and added dragonflies to the curtains.  It's a little squished in her room because she shares it with my desk but for now I'm trying to make it all work as best I can.  It's hard to capture how cute it actually looks with a picture but here's my best attempt.