Dairy Farm Field Trip

The kids and I were invited to go on a field trip to a local dairy farm this past week. We got to see them milk some cows, take a hay ride, see how the cows were treated, and pet some calves. The kids had a lot of fun. Aubrey, as usual, was fearless and even tried to climb into the pen with the calves and walk right up to one that was being fed out of a bottle. Joshua said his favorite part was the hay ride and Eliza liked seeing all the cows.

Sorry everyone! I playing with my blog to figure out how to make a three column layout working. I want to try it on our new Panama Ward blog but thought I should figure it out here first. If anyone has done this or knows of some good layouts that fit three columns let me know.

Well I decided to try something new. I never heard of a diaper cake until a few years ago someone had it at a baby shower. It was professionally done but I thought hey I think I can try that. It has been a while but today I did it. The kids helped a bunch and they had a ton of fun. Joshua kept asking me why we could not eat this cake. It's not the best thing in the world and it is nothing compared to the professional one but it came out really cute. I promise it looked much better in real life then it does in this picture. I will probably do things a little different next time though. It was a lot of fun!
12 Week Pregnancy Update

I had my first ultrasound yesterday so I got to see my baby for the first time. The baby looks healthy with a nice strong heart beat. We also discovered that Joshua's dream of having 2 baby brothers will not come true this pregnancy. Since the beginning he has been telling everyone that there are two brothers in Mommy's tummy. The ultrasound showed that my due date of September 24 was about right. Morning sickness has been a little tougher this time around but I finally figured out how to manage it. As long as I eat a small meal every 2-3 hours I am okay. I can't believe that I'm already at 12 weeks. So far instead of gaining weight I have lost 1 pound off my pre-pregnancy weight. So much for gaining 2 to 5 pounds during my first trimester. I also learned that I have to eat more iron and omega 3 in my diet. I've always known I was border line anemic but I've never been very good at getting iron in my diet. Now I also need to get omega 3s in my diet. If anyone as got any good ideas let me know!