Trip to California

No trip to California would be complete without going to the BEACH!

 We even spent some time at the pool with lots of family.

My WONDERFUL Niece has her Mother's BEAUTIFUL Smile!!!
The new favorite trick!  Flipping off Grandpa's shoulders!
My cousin, Lindsey, and her ADORABLE Daughter, Sarah!  Aren't they so CUTE!

A Day at Great Grandma Nonnies and Papa's House
Grandma Nonnie and the kids inspecting a spider!
Grandma & Grandpa Fitzgerald with their newest Grandbaby Penelope!!
Her Nickname is SILLY LILLY!!!  Can you see why?
All the Kids!

 Meeting their Newest Cousin

Penelope looks worried!!!

Lots More FUN FUN FUN!!!
Forget playing with the toys!  Let's just play in the TOY BOX!
She spent a lot of time trying to ride this tiny bike!
(July 9-July 17)