One the Day You Were Born. This is the First of many Funny Looks you will give me!  (October)

Month 1  Photo taken by Wonderful Friend Heidi (November)

Month 2:  Your First Christmas!  (December)

Month 3:  You Loved Holding onto Your Toes! (January)

Month 4:  At one point in time you were my Chuncky Monkey but could not get a photo that showed all your cute Chubbiness. (Februrary)

Month 5:  Even though you are part Irish you still dressed in Green! (March)

Month 6:  You were very good at Baby Push Ups! (April)

Month 7:  Your First Friend! (May)

Month 8:  You kept wondering when I was going to give you another Popsicle but it was Grandma that gave them to you not me. (June)

Month 9: You are a Water Bug! (July)

Month 10:  Mommy made this Hat for a Friend but you sure made a Cute Model! (August)

Month 11:  This is your Favorite thing to get into and it won't take long before you have everything scattered all over the floor. (September)

1 YEAR AND 3 TEETH:  This is what happens when you try to take away her apple.  When I gave her this apple to teeth on I had no idea she would be able to bite into it.  2 hours later she ate the whole thing.  She would not let me take it away from her.

Spontaneous Trip to
James decided one weekend that our family needed a vacation so the day before we decided to try and head to Yellowstone.  It was a lot of fun but many of our plans were not thought through and we thought things were closer than they actually were.  All in all it was a lot of fun.  We headed up Sunday morning and spend half the day there stayed in a hotel and then spend most of Monday.  Which turns out we left way to late and ended up getting home about 1 or so in the morning.  James and I had both been there before and yes it is worth seeing more than once but the fun part was watching the wonder in my kids eyes.  The moment that Old Faithful went off and my kids eyes became as big as saucers (Okay Aubrey's are already that big) and their bottom lips touched the ground was one of the coolest moments as a parents.  If only I could have caught the amazement in a photo.  I got several pictures of their faces but I just didn't portray their amazement enough.  It was a fun trip and the kids are already to go on another outing.