Hogle Zoo Field Trip
For Joshie's first field trip he got to go to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake.  Since Mom and Dad were in town we thought that we would all tag along.  We got to help keep an eye on Joshie's group. (Though I think there were more tag along kids than there were actual students)  We were there about half the day and didn't quite see every thing but the kids were exhausted after having so much fun.  Though I'm not so sure why the girls were so tired they rode on the rolling ice chest most of the time.  Aubrey even squeezed her way on for a ride.  The kids had a blast!  Eliza liked the monkeys so much that she even tried to be one.  Can't wait to go back!
(June 7)
 Mt Timpanogas Caves
 While we are living in Utah we thought we would try and see as many things as we could.  One of the sights on the top of our list was the Timpanogas caves.  In order to see these caves though you have to hike up a 1 1/2 mile trail.  Mom Fitzgerald, James, and I decided to take Joshie, Eliza, and Lilly with us.  We figured Aubrey was to little to hike up and too big to carry so she got to have a date with Grandpa Fitzgerald.  It was a tough hike but also a very beautiful hike.  It didn't help that I was carrying an extra 15 pounds on my back but Lilly giggled and squirmed almost all the way up.  She was having a blast!  Of course she also had so much fun that she slept the whole time we were in the caves.  It took us about and hour and a half to reach the caves and then we got to take an hour long tour through the caves.  There were a lot of interesting formations to see.  Joshie's favorites were the soda straws and Eliza's favorites were the popcorn formations.  I know such technical terms.  The hike down was a lot easier but by the time we got to the car we were all exhausted.
It is something that I would highly recommend and we plan on going again someday.