Joshua Birthday Party!
The plan for the day was to go up to Tehachapi right after church, celebrate Joshua's 4th birthday and my niece Evelyn's 1st birthday, watch the Super Bowl, and then head home. I should have known things were going to turn out differently when my parents called to tell us that we needed to take the back road in. The normal route had flooded over. We made it with no problems and even got to watch as it started to snow. My sister, Amber, got there about an hour later but had to take the low (flooded way) because when it started to snow the back road is not very safe. After dropping Amber off, Andy hurried home because he did not want to get snowed in. At that point we figured that we were staying for the night.

Mom made us a great dinner then afterwards the kids got to eat yummy cake. I made a small cake for each birthday kid. Evelyn's was Elmo and Joshua's was Larry from Veggie Tale's. Both were so excited to see their cakes. Joshua already knew what his cake looked like because he helped me make it but Evelyn got really excited and kept saying Elmo over and over again.

Then we decided to watch the Super Bowl. Half time had just started when all of the sudden all the lights went out. No power! That okay! We still had fun anyway. We let the kids open their presents and spent the rest of the night talking. The power came on again just after midnight or so. During this whole time it continued to snow. I still don't know what caused it though!

When we woke up it felt like we were kids again looking out the window in the morning to see how much snow we got. Sure enough everything was completely covered and it was STILL snowing. We turned on the news to see if we could figure out the cause of the black out only to find that the freeway to get home was closed. So we bundled up the kids and took them outside to play in the snow. I was not prepared at all for playing in the snow though. Luckily Mom still had a bunch of old snow clothes and a box of clothes girl clothes someone had given Amber. We layered those kids with so many clothes and grocery sacks that they could hardly move. They loved the snow. Kory gave them all rides around the yard on a sled, Grandma Nani (G Grandma Dansby) taught them how to make snow angles and then we found a small hill in the empty lot next door to go sledding on. We played outside until the kids got cold and then went in for hot cocoa. James and I went home just after that because James had a list of things he wanted to do at home. It was a fun two days and to think that it all started out as a simple dinner, cakes, and presents.

As most of you know Joshua, my 4 year old, is a very active boy. James and I have been debating putting him in preschool. We think that maybe it would help him get some of that energy out (which he usually takes out on the girls in a not so nice way), teach him things he will need to know for Kindergarten, and get him ready for school. I'm still not sure how I feel about preschool. I never went to one but my husband James did. And he is the smart one in the family. I wanted to know what everyone thought and recommended. Also those of you who live in Bakersfield is there any preschools that you recommend or have heard good things about. I need help I don't know what to do!
Just When I'm About to go Crazy....

Just when my kids are about to drive my crazy and I think that they will never again listen to me they surprise me. One day when I was on the phone with my sister I noticed that all of the sudden my kids were just too quiet. I went looking for them to see what trouble they were getting into. Usually quiet means trouble. What I found was a complete surprise! They were both in the kitchen working together to unload the dishwasher for me. My heart just melted and I about bursted into tears. They were not able to do it all by themselves but they were able to put all the silverwear away and stack on the counter what they could not put away. For those of you who do not believe me I have pictures to prove it.