Joshie Receives His Wolf Badge

We are so proud of Joshie for working so hard to get his Wolf badge. When he first started Cub Scouts his was so excited but over time lost sight of his goal. When he got close to finishing he got that spark back and started working like crazy. Then when all his Wolf requirements were finished he was excited to discover the Arrow Points. Next thing we knew we would catch him working on his book late at night in his room. Great job Josh!

Last night he received his Wolf Badge, 1 Gold Arrow, 3 Silver Arrows, and his Artist Belt.
We don't make it to Tehachapi/Bakersfield often enough but when we do we have a lot of fun!  One of the biggest reasons for going on this trip was the Color Me Rad 5K Fun Run.  I'm not really a big runner.  In fact I avoided most sports that involved running most of my life.  I had been running recently in order to stay healthy and it's true on the days that I do run I have more energy.  Both my Mom and my sister, Amber, were running in this Fun Run and somehow they convinced me to run in it as well.  I thought I was ready for it and I was but I got so nervous and didn't do so well.  I did finish and it was fun!!!  Throughout the race there are people throwing color at you and by the end you are VERY COLORFUL!!!

 Afterwards we save a few of our color packets and attacked the kids!

 That day we also had a birthday party for Penelope (my adorable niece) and I.  Then later that night went to an activity at a nearby park that had a bounce house, water slide, and face painting!

Joshie's Baptism Pictures!
Joshie's Baptism
I can't believe that my oldest is 8!  Where did the time go?  He has been so excited for this day for months and could hardly wait.  While me on the other had thought that it went by too fast.  It was a wonderful day!  My Wonderful parents and by Gorgeous sister drove the 11 hours all the way up from California just for the 3 day weekend to be here.  Joshie's Uncle Marlin also came for his big day.  Joshie got to share his special day with a good friend of his from his primary class, Taj.  It was fun to see both boys so excited that they were glowing.  Both boys were baptized and confirmed by their Dads.  Amber gave the talk on Baptism and had the Dads dot them with blue paint to show the effects of sin on our souls and then gave them a wipe to show how baptism cleanses our souls.  It was a really cute idea!  Grandpa Fitzgerald gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and bore his testimony to the boys.  The Spirit was so thick in that room and I'm sure the boys were able to recognize it as well.  I pray that they will always remember that feeling as they look back on the Wonderful day of their Baptism.  Thank you to the friends and family that were able to come support these boys and for those that sent their love and support as well.  Thanks!!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Fitzgerald with 2 of the 4 kids and all their Grandchildren!

Joshie Starts Cub Scouts
He has been waiting for this day for a long time.  James has been telling him all about the fun stuff that he will do in Scouts and he just was so ready to start!  Here he is on his first day.  They learned about snow flakes and then worked on Achievement 1 Feats of Skill.  Now every Wednesday he comes home asking when he gets to go back.