Our First Utah Snow
(Actually it was our second but
there was not much during the first one)

The reaction when they first discovered that it had snowed. Eliza first discovered it and came running down the hall super excited. (I wish I could have gotten that on tape) We made Joshie and Aubrey close their eyes and led them to the front door to surprise them. Joshie's reaction was not the one we were expecting.
He was just cold!

After getting all bundled up we
headed outside for some snow fun.
Of course all my angels had to make a snow angel.

Some more of our new neighbors.
These guys live behind us but one house over.

And our California spin off of building a snowman.
We made a snow castle!

Before and After
she discovered that snow made her hands cold.

I showed the kids how to make
snowballs and have a snow ball fight.
And how do you think that they thank me.
They attacked me!

Snow = Yummy Food!
To bad it has no nutritional value. Aubrey ate a ton of it.

The joy after discovering she got hot cocoa when we came in.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Things happened so quickly that its hard to believe that they actully did happen. We had such a short time to get everything done but we had a ton of help from friends and family. I know that most of them think they are traitors now but thanks for the help. We even had a ton of missionaries (okay just 6) over to help fix up the yard for our new tenants before we left. Once we got everything cleaned and packed we headed out for our long one day trip to Utah. On our way there we stopped at State Line to fill the cars up with gas and discovered that they had Bonnie and Clyde's car on display. So we took a much needed break to go take a look. After traveling all day through California, Nevada, and a little bit of Arizona to get to Utah we hit a snow storm. It started out not to bad but before we knew it it was dark and the snow was coming down thick. We knew we were in trouble when even the Utah drivers were driving 15 miles an hour on the freeway. But we made it safely to our new home. At first the kids would not go to sleep because they wanted to go back to our old home.
Feb 21

The next morning we began to explore our new home and discovered one of our neighbors we lives behind us. The kids were so excited when they discovered that we had a horse whose stall was right up against the fence. Also within a few days we got our first little bit of snow. It was barely enough to cover the ground but when the kids saw the snow it was all I could do to get them to stop and put on warmer clothes before they ran outside. The kids loved the snow but it was not long before their California blood was freezing and they were ready to come back in. It didn't take long for Joshie to discover that heat came out of the little vents in the floor and for the first couple of days he spend a lot of time by the one in the kitchen. I thought he looked really funny. It must have been really cold to want to sit on the floor rather than play.
Feb 22

We also had to take advantage of the fact that Neal and Rachael now live so close. A soon as we got the chance we headed down to Provo to get a tour of BYU from Rachael. The kids were so excited to see them. Rachael took us to see the Life Science Museum. We also had a pretty good snow ball fight. It nice to know that we have some family close by. James' oldest brother is also planning on moving into our basement next month and we also have second? cousins in the area that we don't know all that well but we are so excited to get to know. This is not the happiest move for our family but it will definitly be an adventure. We are sad to be leaving behind a lot of family, some really close friends, and a great ward. Any of you are welcome to stop by anytime you are in Utah. We look forward to getting to know are new ward here and they have already we very welcoming. I am planning on posting more pictures of the inside of the house when I get everything unpacked and decorate.
Feb 27