Thanks to my parents this month we had a mini Fitzgerald reunion. We got to spend a week in Las Vegas with Grandma and Grandpa Dansby, Mom and Dad Fitzgerald, Amber (sister) and her two cute kids, and my youngest brother, Kory. We missed a few that could not go becuase of jobs but maybe next time.

Our first tourist stop was the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Usually when you take their tour you get to see how they make different types of chocolates. Of course we went on Saturday and they had nothing running. We did get to go through the self guided tour and got a free piece of chocolate at the end. This was the kid's favorite part. My niece, Evelyn, was so excited after sleeping through the whole thing that she got two pieces of chocolate. This is one of those places that we would go see every year when we went to go visit my Granparents in Vegas so it was a fun memory.

Since James and I lived in Vegas for about a year we had a few good friends back in the Desert Sage ward so we decided that the best way to go and visit everyone was to attend our old ward. It was a lot of fun catching up with old friends and seeing how the ward was doing. After church we also went up to see the Las Vegas Temple. It is a very beautiful temple with very unique temple spires. The kids always get excited seeing temples because they say that they are Heavenly Father's castles. I didn't get any pictures that day because I didn't have a memory card but I know my sister did so as soon as I get them from her I will post them.

On Monday we decided to take our Princes and Princesses to see to see the Excalabur Castle. The girls were so excited to be inside a castle and the boys were just excited about the games. We took the kids downstairs and let them go crazy with all of the fun games. Even after they ran out of money they still enjoyed pretending to play with the games.


After living in Vegas for about a year we thought we had seen just about everything there was to see but we were wrong. The Lied's Children's Museum is something that I wished I had discovered a long time ago and taking the kids to many times. When we asked Joshua what his favorite part of the whole trip was this was it. He was just all over that place and we hardly could contain all his energy. They got to stand inside large bubbles, fly airplanes, send balls shotting through tubes, experience 78 mile an hour winds, be firefighters, tried to lift their own body weight, and even got to be on a green screen. They had so much fun that we within minutes of getting in the car all three (Yes even Joshua) were fast asleep.

Another must do when you go to Las Vegas is eat at a buffett. There are probably more buffetts in Vegas alone than in the rest of the US. My favorite buffett is not even on the strip. It is called the Fiesta Buffett at the Fiesta Casino. In the course of the same week I went from eating at the best buffett ever to one of the worst ever. The funny part was that the bad one was the expensive one. $18 bucks for Joshua alone!! Plus we could not even get him to eat anything because he didn't like anything there. Oh well!


One night thanks to Grandma Nani and Papa us adults (okay it is still weird to think of my little brother as an adult. Sorry Kory!) got to go and see a show. We choose to see Nathan Burton's Magic Show at the Flamingo due to their great price and their combo deal with their buffett. He turned out to be really good and had some really good guests on his show. As it turns out he also was on America's Got Talent and according to my sister made it through.


Now I told you what Joshua's favorite part was this day was Eliza's. And just like Joshua if she had the chance she would have stayed here all day. We took the kids over to the aquarium at the Silverton. It was very big with a lot of different fish. They also had a mermaid visit every half an hour. Eliza got the chance to sit and chat with two different mermaids. What a day!

And finally no trip would be complete without seeing the Fountains at Belogio. Out of the five kids Eliza was the only one not frightened or startled by the first show. But by the second show all five kids were asking for another show.

Probably the all time favorite activity from the entire group was swimming in the pool. We were in one of the three pools at least every day that week. It was so hot there (110 plus) that the pool was the best place to be. And surprisingly we made it through the whole week without anyone getting sunburned. That is a first!!! We had a great week and were so excited spending so much time with the family. I can't wait to do it again! We came home Friday evening but that is a story for another blog!

Also for more pics and info check out my sister's blog about our trip.

Another Decorating Project Done!

We have slowly been working on our house to get it decorated and I have finally completed another project. We decided to have a nautical theme in both bathroom and bedroom. Here are is a before, during and after picture of the cabinet that is in the bathroom. The next project that I am going to work on is taking pictures of the kids from the beach and either printing them in black and white or old fashioned looking and then hanging them in the bathroom. Even though it has been slow it has been a lot of fun watching our house go from the original brown walls to something with our taste and personalities.