Just wanted to announce that my cousin, Lindsey,
had a beautiful baby girl over the weekend.
See more pictures here!

Congratulations Lindsey and David!!!

Sarah Jean Bunting

Happy 3rd Birthday Eliza!
Here are a few pictures from her life!


So it seems that for some reason I can't keep a calling any longer than five months. The past 4 callings have been like that. For the past five months I have been working with the primary as the Primary Chorister. It was a lot of fun and our recent primary program went great. I was just starting to figure out what I was doing when James came home telling me that the Bishop wanted to meet with me. They asked me to serve as 2nd counselor in the Relief Society. Can you say scary? I have not even been to Relief Society in over a year let alone have any idea how to run one. I have been a roller coaster of emotions since. When they first called me I was so scared and nervous. Then when I received a blessing for my calling I was blessed that I would be able to juggle all my responsibilities of home and church, I felt calm and that I would be able to do this. The for the last couple of days I have been antsy and ready to get started. That was up until I went to my first presidency meeting and Shirley told me about all the things that I need to do. Now again I have that feeling like, "How in the world will I be able to do all of this?" I really look forward to this new calling even though I am completely unsure of what I am supposed to do or even if I can do it right. Concerning my Calling Curse I was told to get comfortable in this calling becuase my curse has been broken.

For the longest time James and I have been talking about replacing the dead tree in our front yard. After a very hot summer we decided it was time to buy a tree so that it would shade the front of our house. Hopefully it would keep things a little cooler. At the same time we figured that if we were going to buy trees we might as well get fruit trees. So we bought two because we had two empty spots in our yard. We got an orange tree and grapefruit tree. James loves grapefruits! Here are our new trees in the front of our house.

I found this while watching online news articles on prop 8. I thought this was interesting and wanted to share. Here is the link to the statement put out by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints concerning the protest in Salt Lake City. Here is the link: LDS Statement.

Church Issues Statement on
Prop 8 Protest

It is disturbing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is being singled out for speaking up

as part of its democratic right in a free election.

Members of the Church in California and millions of others from every faith, ethnicity and political affiliation who voted for Proposition 8 exercised the most sacrosanct and individual rights in the United States — that of free expression and voting.

While those who disagree with our position on Proposition 8 have the right to make their feelings known, it is wrong to target the Church and its sacred places of worship for being part of the democratic process.

Once again, we call on those involved in the debate over same-sex marriage to act in a spirit of mutual respect and civility towards each other. No one on either side of the question should be vilified, harassed or subject to erroneous information.