Washington Trip
Since Joshie was 1 we hadn't had the chance to get up to Washington to visit with James' Grandma and Grandpa.  We found a time that we could go up with Mark (James' Dad) and jumped in the car and went.  We were only there for a couple of days but those days were filled with:

Snuggling with Grandpa
 Playing Soccer
 Generation Pictures
 This Little Piggy and Dancing with Great Grandma
Playing with Cousins and an Aunt
 This is my favorite picture!  It's like a Mini Prom picture!  We didn't even pose them.  We asked them to hug each other and then look at the camera.  This is what we got.  Cute, Cute, Cute!!!
Visit from Auntie Micki

One of my closest friends, Micki, came to visit us in April.  She has been one of my closest friends for a little over 10 years.  We were roommates our first year in college and found out that we were also twins.  Okay not actual twins but we were born on the same day, same year, and about the same hour.  Just in different states to different parents.  That first year we were joined at the hip and did almost everything together.  We even had the same major.  Because we have been so close and like sisters my kids started calling her Aunti Micki and were so glad when she stopped by for a visit. She wasn't able to stay long but while she was here we went to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints History Museum and then walked around Temple Square and one of the Visitor's Center.  They had a new kids area on the top floor of the Museum that the kids just loved.  We can't wait to see you again Micki!  Only what?  2 months away?
(April 30)

The girls said they wanted to get married in the temple in a dress that looks like this one.  I agree with them it is beautiful!

Best Friends!
Have you seen me?

 If you have spotted this Gingerbread Girl please send a postcard representing your location to Mrs. Loveland's Kindergarten class with details on where you saw her. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and was last seen wearing a pink tutu with a button belt.

Please leave your email address and I will send you the address to send the postcard.
First Day of School
 Yes I know this post is only about 2 months late.  Joshie actually started July 26 and Eliza started 1 1/2 weeks later.  (The kindergarten does testing that week so that is why she started later)  
Joshie is now in Second grade in Mrs Asay's class.  Their are 5 boys and 19 girls!  So I would say they are definitly outnumbered!  Most of the kids were in his class last year too.

After waiting and waiting (which she thought would never end) Eliza finally got to start Kindergarten.  Her teacher is Mrs. Loveland!  Eliza has been begging to read forever and had read most of the Level A books that Joshie's 1st grade teacher, Miss McClellan, owned.  She did have a rough start to the day.  She was so excited that I was not prepared for tears.  The problem was that she set her backpack down by the wall and when they all lined up she couldn't get to it.  She was so worried and didn't know what to do so she broke down.  She was fine once she got into class though!

Eliza & Jimmy.  Jimmy is not only in Eliza's class but lives right next door.
Kaitlyn and Eliza!  Unfortunately, they are not in the same class but are really good friends!
Trip to California

No trip to California would be complete without going to the BEACH!

 We even spent some time at the pool with lots of family.

My WONDERFUL Niece has her Mother's BEAUTIFUL Smile!!!
The new favorite trick!  Flipping off Grandpa's shoulders!
My cousin, Lindsey, and her ADORABLE Daughter, Sarah!  Aren't they so CUTE!

A Day at Great Grandma Nonnies and Papa's House
Grandma Nonnie and the kids inspecting a spider!
Grandma & Grandpa Fitzgerald with their newest Grandbaby Penelope!!
Her Nickname is SILLY LILLY!!!  Can you see why?
All the Kids!

 Meeting their Newest Cousin

Penelope looks worried!!!

Lots More FUN FUN FUN!!!
Forget playing with the toys!  Let's just play in the TOY BOX!
She spent a lot of time trying to ride this tiny bike!
(July 9-July 17)