Pictures of my
Silly Lilly!

She is a real live baby doll for the older girls. She loves it.
She found a new friend!
My new skill. She can now pull herself to standing all the way up and can now walk around her crib holding on to the rail.

"I just want to see what is going on!"
Aubrey is 3!
I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is slowly starting to gain weight but is still very picky. Her likes and dislikes change from day to day. She is my biggest trouble maker and she is always trying to use those big eyes of hers to get out of it. She continually surprises me with what she knows and is both a tomboy and a girly girl. One moment she want to be just like her big sis and get her fingernails and hair done and then the next she is picking up any bug she can find. She is definitely not afraid of bugs and is constantly finding new ones to carry around as a pet. Her favorites are ants because she knows that if she drops and loses one she can just go and pick up another one.
Born in Bakersfield