Joshua I guess felt he had to prove to us that he was a boy last Friday. I caught him and the girls jumping on the coffee table. I asked them to get off as I turned around to grab something. Then next thing I heard was a very loud thunk followed by Joshua just screaming. He had hit his head on the rocking chair and gashed his head open. James rushed him to the ER where it took James and two nurses to hold him still so that the doctor could give him 4 stitches. The gash was about 3/4 inch and very deep. He was fine and when he got home he was so excited to tell me about the cool slipper socks that the hospital gave him. To prove that he was back to normal he then started to run up and down the hall in his new socks at full speed. I guess boys will be boys!
What will he do next?
P.S. I will post about Christmas as soon as I get pictures from my Sister and Mom.
Friday, Dec 27, 2008