Mommy and Joshie Time

We have not completely decided if we wanted to start Joshua in preschool yet or not but changed our routine just a little. Every other day during nap time he gets to stay up and spend some time with Mommy. On these days he sets up his fort and reads a few books while I put the girls down for a nap. Then when they are both sleeping the two of us work on learning his letters, colors, shapes, cutting, gluing and just spending time one on one with each. He gets so excited about it. When I tell him that it is time for Mommy Joshie time he grabs a few books and runs to his fort area. I have never seen him sit quietly by himself for so long and when we are working on a project I'm amazed at how long he can focus on something. I'm just loving watching him learn and his face light up when he gets something correct or done. I started teaching him about the letter J and how to write his name and now thats all he ever draws.

On Friday we talked about plants gowning and he got to plant flowers in a pot. He put the seeds in, covered them with dirt, and then watered them. Since then he wants t
o go out and check his flower to see if it has started to grow yet. I can't wait to see his face when he can see it for the first time. Also that day to give him another reason to practice writing his name he made a sign for his plant. I wrote out his name and then he traced the letters with colored markers. Then we pulled out the chalk and I let him go wild on the patio. Of course all he wanted to do was write his name but I have no problem with that. After a while we traced our hands and then I traced his whole body. He thought that it was so funny he had to trace Mommy as well. Here are some pictures I took of that day.

Having this one on one time seems to be helping a little. Not only can I get him to focus (which I can't do when I have all three at once or even just him and Eliza) but he i
s misbehaving less. I think he just felt that it was the only way to get my attention. Well if anyone has any good books or activity books that they would like to recommend about preschooling at home let me know! I wish I had more of a curriculum to go off of and I could always use more ideas and activities.

Another Product; More Opinions

I have another product that I need to collect opinions on. Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. If you can just leave me a comment answering these questions that would be great:

1. What do you think of Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner?
2. Do you use the Automatic Shower Cleaner? Do you like how it works and its effectiveness?
3. If you don't use it would you ever purchase it? Why or why not?
4. Any other comments.

Thanks everyone!
After yet another doctors visit and more blood drawn for test the cause of her being so small is still unknown. So far she is seeing her regular pediatrician and a GI specialist who has also now referring her to Endocrinologist. She has had test for a number of different things and some I'm not even sure what they are. Most of the test that were done were to see if she can absorb certain types of food like fat, iron, and protein, to see if her organs are all functioning properly, and also test for certain diseases like cystic fibrosis and celiacs. So far all have these have come back showing that there is no problem which is a good sign but still does not explain why she not gaining any weight. Currently the only test were are waiting for are the celiac disease test, immunoglobulins, and a thyroid test. She now weighs 11 lbs 3.7 oz which is 2 oz less than what she weighed a month ago. Despite being small she is a on the go little girl and has to always be in the middle of whatever is going on.