I just want to say
to my grandparents, Paul and Maryann Dansby, and my SIL, Tiffany. Recently, my Grandfather became a 32 degree Master Mason and Grandma and Tiffany became the star points, Adah and Martha, in Order of the Easter Star. (A branch of the Freemasons much like the Relief Society of the LDS church.)

DAY 3, 4, 5, 6

DAY 3 & 4:
The walls in our home are completely covered in the brown paneling that is very common in mobile home. In order to make the hallway match the new wall that we just put in we needed to fill in all the lines. To get it smooth we had to do 3 layers of joint compound, which needed 24 hours each to dry before you could do another layer.

DAY 5 :
Not only are we going to paint the walls but we decided to put texture on the new wall and on the hallway walls. First we needed to apply primer in order to get the texture and paint to stick on to the smooth paneling. Later on in the week Dad also came by to put in the door to the new room. Now its officially a separate room!

DAY 6:
Today, Dad, James, and Kory applied texture of the walls. Now you can't tell where the new wall comes together with the paneling of the hallway. They did a GREAT job. Also while James and Dad prepared to put on the texture by covering everything that we didn't want textured Kory and I took down the lowered ceiling in the kitchen. That was tough!!!! It had been put in kind of funny so it was hard to get out but it makes the kitchen look huge and VERY bright. It will look nice after we get new light fixtures and hide the octopus wiring that's in the middle of the kitchen ceiling.


Heavenly Father has decided that it is time for me to take a step out of my comfort zone. For the past couple of years I have always been given callings in church that seemed very easy. I was on the Relief Society Enrichment Committee where we planned 4 activities a year. I was first counselor in a Primary Presidency that was over 3 nursery age kids (18mo to 3 years) and 2 sunbeams (3 to 4 year olds). There were more adults than kids. And my last calling that only lasted for a few months was Achievement Day Leader. (Activities for 8 to 11 year old girls similar to Cub Scouts). My new calling will be Primary pianist. I can play the piano but I have only played a few times with people were singing along. It has also been a while since I have practiced. Not only is my piano at home badly out of tune but every time I do sit down I have two kidos banging at the keys on each side of me. Its hard to tell if I'm playing the song correctly when all I hear is banging from them. On the plus side I am playing for a group of kids and not for adults. Kids won't notice when I mess up. I am thankful for this calling because it is pushing me out of my comfort zone and it gives me a reason, no matter what happens, to practice. I love playing the piano. This will be a fun calling.

MY FAVORITE PRIMARY SONGS ARE: A Child's Prayer; I am a Child of God; I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ; I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Scripture Power
For Halloween our family chose to take a trip to Neverland. We all went as characters from Disney's Peter Pan movie.

Joshua (Peter Pan)
Eliza (Princess Tiger Lilly)
Aubrey (Tinker Bell) James (Pirate) Nichole (Wendy)

In order to get ready for Halloween we bought the movie and started watching it almost everyday for about a week before Halloween and I had been working on creating the costumes for the past month. On top of that James taught Joshua to say "Off to Neverland!" and Eliza to say "HOW!"instead of "Trick of Treat." Joshua was so exciting about being Peter Pan that he wore his costume for three days. Not only on Halloween but on the day before and the day after. The night before we went to a Trunk or Treat put on by our church. Joshua knew exactly what to do and Eliza tagged along behind. After getting her first piece of candy she was ready to stop right there and eat it. Then she realized that she got more as she went along.

On the day of Halloween I took the kids to the historical Fox Theater for a showing of Pooh's Heffalump Halloween movie and they got to wear their costumes. It was packed but the kids loved the movie. The only thing that upset them was that their Daddy was not there so I decided to take the kids over to the Progressive office to go Trick or Treating. His coworkers just loved it and the kids loved showing off their costumes. Later that night we all dressed up again in our costumes and took the kids trick or treating at a nearby neighborhood. Unfortunately, there was only one family giving out treats on our block so we packed the kids in the car and headed to a friends street. We started on one side and worked our way back to their house where they were holding a spooky Halloween party. We had lots of fun. The kids were so hyped up on candy that it took a while before we got them to sleep but you only have Halloween once a year so we let they have fun.

The next morning the first thing Joshua did was put on his Peter Pan costume and was asking to watch Peter Pan again. That was when my Mom and Dad came to save the day. Not only did they let me put off watching Peter Pan but my Mom took pictures of the kids in their costumes. So now I have some great pictures to show off.
!!!!!THANKS MOM!!!!!
This year we had a great Halloween. I love making costumes for my kids especially when they never want to take it off and wear it three days in a row. Actually he would have worn it even longer if I didn't throw it in the wash. I hope that everyone's Halloween was as SPOOKY and FUN FILLED as ours was.