Another Decorating Project Done!

We have slowly been working on our house to get it decorated and I have finally completed another project. We decided to have a nautical theme in both bathroom and bedroom. Here are is a before, during and after picture of the cabinet that is in the bathroom. The next project that I am going to work on is taking pictures of the kids from the beach and either printing them in black and white or old fashioned looking and then hanging them in the bathroom. Even though it has been slow it has been a lot of fun watching our house go from the original brown walls to something with our taste and personalities.


Yoselin said...

You have a beautiful family and a fun blog, i just added you to my blog list. Nice project!!! :)

The Lamb Family said...

How fun! Good luck with your projects/. Your blog is cute too;) ...and yes, I will be missing our ward. I teach Sunbeams (when the teacher doesn't show up) and I help out CTR 5 so I'm with Joshua and Eliza. They are so cute and adorable!