Our First Utah Snow
(Actually it was our second but
there was not much during the first one)

The reaction when they first discovered that it had snowed. Eliza first discovered it and came running down the hall super excited. (I wish I could have gotten that on tape) We made Joshie and Aubrey close their eyes and led them to the front door to surprise them. Joshie's reaction was not the one we were expecting.
He was just cold!

After getting all bundled up we
headed outside for some snow fun.
Of course all my angels had to make a snow angel.

Some more of our new neighbors.
These guys live behind us but one house over.

And our California spin off of building a snowman.
We made a snow castle!

Before and After
she discovered that snow made her hands cold.

I showed the kids how to make
snowballs and have a snow ball fight.
And how do you think that they thank me.
They attacked me!

Snow = Yummy Food!
To bad it has no nutritional value. Aubrey ate a ton of it.

The joy after discovering she got hot cocoa when we came in.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Amy and Mike said...

OH snow. It is so fun to play in, but it looks sooo cold. I'm glad your kids are enjoying the change.