The Factor Tree asked me to try and review a website called THE FACTOR TREE.  The program is designed to help students reinforce math skills that they have already learned it school by providing extra worksheets.  Both Joshie and Eliza have been using it for almost a month and really enjoy it.  They don't usually want to sit down for too long because it is only worksheets.  When I started I did expect there to be some learning lessons to go along with the worksheets but there was not.  My favorite part is the first thing they will do is give the child a test to see what they have learned and then go from there.  The site is very bright colored and kid friendly.  Joshie can get on and use it without my help.  The biggest problems that I have with it are that the math skills that they have on each grade level have not matched up with what my kids have already learned in school.  Some skills Joshie had never learned and were too hard and some were way too easy and it was hard to just pass up that certain skill.  I did mention both problems to the company and they have fixed the second one.  Now if their is a skill that is too easy you can start your child on the next skill.

This website is a paid site and it costs $20 per child per month.  It was fun while we used it but without some sort of learning lessons involved I personally would not pay for this program.  It was a good program but not for that price. 

For those of you who would like to try it I have a two week trial code.  When you sign in use the code: BZF