The day before Easter the city had an Easter Egg hunt.  We went but because we got there just as the bell went off we missed most of it.  Aubrey only got 3 pieces of candy.  It was really funny to watch the whole scene.  It was like locust to a plant.  This ring of kids and parents getting smaller and smaller as the candy just dissapeared.  There was also so much candy that baskets were overflowing and parents were cramming their pockets with anything else their kids picked up.  It was a lot of fun but it just didn't feel like Easter.  Instead of the kids wearing cute little Easter dresses and sun bonnets they were wearing heavy coats, mittens, and hats. 

Easter morning we woke up to several inches of snow.  So we had a White Easter!  After the kids finished staring in awe at all they snow the hunt for their Easter baskets began.  It's a tradition in James' family for the parents to hide the Easter baskets and the kids have to look for them in the morning.  So I got to have the fun of hiding them and then watching the kids plus James and Keith go searching.  Let just say James and Keith are a little rusty on their Easter basket searching skills.  I will have to not be so hard on the next year.  In their Easter baskets all the kids got pinwheels, Joshua got a Cars coloring poster, and the girls got a dragonfly welcome sign for their room.  (I'm in the process of trying to decorate their room with a dragon fly theme.)  Once the found their Easter baskets they were then able to hunt for the Easter eggs that the Easter bunny left them.  They found all the eggs plus leftover carrot pieces that the Easter bunny left.  The kids thought that since the Reindeer get treats at Christmas that the Easter bunny should get some too.  So they left him a plate full of carrots.
Once the excitement of the morning was over we all snuggled up to watch confernece on our computer.  Our couch was too small, our screen was too small, and we could not get the volumn up loud enough but it was still wonderful to watch and listen to our modern day prophet and apostles.  We were even able to get the kids to sit still and listen to a few of the talks with the help of the conference bingo.  In the end the bingo square that was most covered was Jesus Christ.  No matter what topic the speakers focused on Christ was still the main topic and source for everything that was taught.  What a great way to spend Easter!  By listening the the prophet and the apostle teach about Christ.  
I hope everyone had a great Easter!


Molly and Kip said...

oh my gosh your kids are growing up so fast!! They are soo cute. I can't believe you guys moved to Utah...how do you like it? I hope all is well :)

Lani said...

Your kids are getting SO big! Sorry your first Utah April wasn't very spring-like! We'll definitely have to get together sometime. Maybe we could meet at Thanksgiving Point Farm Country?