One the Day You Were Born. This is the First of many Funny Looks you will give me!  (October)

Month 1  Photo taken by Wonderful Friend Heidi (November)

Month 2:  Your First Christmas!  (December)

Month 3:  You Loved Holding onto Your Toes! (January)

Month 4:  At one point in time you were my Chuncky Monkey but could not get a photo that showed all your cute Chubbiness. (Februrary)

Month 5:  Even though you are part Irish you still dressed in Green! (March)

Month 6:  You were very good at Baby Push Ups! (April)

Month 7:  Your First Friend! (May)

Month 8:  You kept wondering when I was going to give you another Popsicle but it was Grandma that gave them to you not me. (June)

Month 9: You are a Water Bug! (July)

Month 10:  Mommy made this Hat for a Friend but you sure made a Cute Model! (August)

Month 11:  This is your Favorite thing to get into and it won't take long before you have everything scattered all over the floor. (September)

1 YEAR AND 3 TEETH:  This is what happens when you try to take away her apple.  When I gave her this apple to teeth on I had no idea she would be able to bite into it.  2 hours later she ate the whole thing.  She would not let me take it away from her.