Lilly (1) & Eliza (5) 
Birthday Party

Because their birthdays were pretty close together we decided to combine birthday parties.  Eliza helped me pick the theme and she wanted something to do with Apples.  Not quite what I was expecting but it was a fun theme.  We bought tons of apples and made caramel apples with lots of different toppings, had an apple eating contest and I even served a cake that looked like a caramel apple.  We didn't have a lot of people come but it was just the right amount of people to fit in our tiny house so it worked out great and we had a lot of fun.  I can't believe that my Baby is now 1!!

(Kevin and Carrie were the winners of this game and they won while holding a baby.  We also learned that this is a team game and not for those with little months.  Good try Keith, who tried to play this game solo and Good try Eliza and Addie, who just could not get a bite on that stubborn apple)


Trisha, Keith's Girlfriend's Birthday was the same day as the party!!
Caramel Apple Shaped Cake!  Yum!!


Rick and Nikki said...

Eliza is so sweet! Nice of you to share pictures! Happy Birthday girls!