Thanksgiving was really simple this year.  We didn't have a lot of family over because there were not too many close enough.  Neal and Rachael were able to come up from Provo and since Keith lives in our basement it was a long walk for him.  James and his brothers can get really goofy when they get together and they love to talk about sports.  So we definitely were not lacking on the Thanksgiving football talk this year.  I do miss having a lot of family around and I especially miss having my niece and nephew nearby.  The kids asked several times when their cousins were coming.  They are so used to having holidays with cousins.  Well I was all for attempting to cook a turkey on my own this year but everyone coming voted on a ham so we had a basic Thanksgiving meal.  Ham, Potatoes, Veggies and Pie.  

The day after Thanksgiving is when our family traditionally decorates the tree.  We had to wait until the next Sunday when James had a day off and we surprised the kids by putting up the tree with lights without them knowing.  Lilly though the whole things was just great and would just sit there and point at it forever. 
Silly Girl!!