Halloween 20101
We kicked started Halloween off this year with the City Halloween Activity.  This kids and I braved what we thought would be a busy theater where it was held to paint some pumpkins, meet the Chick-fil-a Cow, watch a Costume contest and then go trick or treating at the businesses in the shopping area.  I had not gotten costumes finished so I told the kids to pick something out of our costume box if they wanted to.  Eliza choose the tiger costume, Joshie decided to stay in his soccer uniform, and for some reason Aubrey didn't even want to dress up but wanted to wear this extra large green hat.  (But she was definitely cute in it)  They had a lot of fun and were super excited to find out that that day was not Halloween and that there would be more fun to come.
On the Friday before Halloween we Joshie's school had a costume parade so we all dressed up in our costumes to cheer his class on.  We also stayed for the class party and helped out with the pumpkin bowling.  Lesson learned:  Pumpkins are fun to bowl with but eventually break and make a mess!!!  Of course the girls got to tag along and they fit right into the class.  They love being involved in class activities and one of their best friends, Sydney, is in Joshie's class so they get excited to see her everytime as well. 

 Eventually came Halloween night (or in are case the Utah Halloween where if Halloween lands on a Sunday everyone celebrates the day before.  Awesome right!!!)  We attended the bi-ward Trunk or Treat.  It was full to capacity but we had fun.  Yummy chilly, a story from Heidi the Witch and of course the trunk or treating.  Which turned into classroom trick or treating because it had started to rain.  After that we decided to brave the rain (okay at this point it had stopped raining) and go trick or treating down one block or so in our ward boundaries.  It was fun getting to know where everyone in the ward lived and since 99% of the street was Mormon we knew most everyone.  Yes  it is so weird to be living in Utah!!!

Our costumes:
This is our Bug Collection.  We own one spider, one ladybug, one dragonfly, and one bumble bee!!  James and I attempted to look like exploring bug collectors!!  Not sure if we pulled it off or not though!  Did I tell you that I love family themes!!  The kids helped pick out this idea.  I think I might have infected them with the family costume theme bug!! (No pun intended but HAHAHA!!!)