Baby Name Polls

I'm getting close to my due date so I thought it would be fun to have a baby name poll. (Since we have not decided on names yet) I'm curious what everyone thinks. I'm what to hear what you think of my names and would love to hear your ideas. James just shrugs his shoulders every time I ask him about names. The poll is to the right.

I also started a Baby pool which I did with Aubrey and it was a lot of fun to see all of your guesses of how big she was going to be and the date and time she would arrive.


Blake 'n Ashley said...

Oh fun, when's your due date again? You look so cute preggie! Feel free to grab any names on my poll that you might like too, naming kids is a hard job! I don't pick a name till I'm almost due either! Miss ya hun, love your blog, you're such a great mommy!

Mansius Family said...

My due date is Sept 24

Bryant and April said...

Wow, you're soon to have 4 kids....that's just crazy! I bet it will be different having a newborn in the house again. Your baby names are cute! I love the name Grant, and Luke is really cute too. Not the biggest fan of Arthur or Lehi, but hey, it's your kid! For girls, I think Lilly is darling, but my guess is you're having a boy so that won't really matter! Anyway, I'm excited for you guys! Can't wait to see pics of your new little bundle of joy when he arrives!