Wow! Life has been one big vacation here at the Mansius home. At the beginning of June my parents took all four of us kids and their families to Puerto Vallarta for a week. The next week after that James went to a real estate conference in Arizona so the kids and I decided to tag along. While we were there we got to visit Grandma and Grandpa Nelson, Aunt Kristy and Uncle Lorrin, Cressa, Uncle Danny and Aunt Lynn, and Cousin Cris and Kristen and their 3 kids. We got back on a Sunday and the following day James' mother came out to visit for a week to see Baby Aubrey along with Aunt Joan. During that week we went to Disneyland and Calico Ghost Town. Aunt Joan also offered to fly us out to her house for a week later that month. Her house just happens to be in Hawaii so we got to enjoy the beautiful view of Hilo, Hawaii for a week while spending time with her and her husband Russell. But I will save that trip for another post.


Amber Waite said...

Yeah, you finally posted! I'm so proud. Your page is looking really good too.