Joshua and Eliza love to draw, color, paint and do all sorts of art projects but there favorite is play dough. Everyday during art time when I ask them what they want to do they yell for play dough. Its only after I remind them that there are other things that they can pick from that they may or may not change their minds to do something else. Here are a few pictures of their latest creation. Joshua decided he wanted to make a snake family. There is a Mommy snake, a Daddy snake and a bunch of baby snakes. Take a look!


No matter where I hide the pens in this house there is always one that is left undiscovered by me that is soon discovered by one of my kids. Even though my kids are great at finding the pens they can never seem to find the paper to draw on. Actually, I just think that they find it more fun to draw on other thing besides what they are supposed to use.

So I think I jinxed myself. Not long after I sat down to write this blog did I find Eliza using her little sister, Aubrey, as a piece of paper. The whole time Aubrey was just laughing away. Just goes to show that Eliza will color on just about anything.


Amber Waite said...

Who needs paper when you've got your little sister? I love Aubrey's face in that picture. Man, Eliza really went to town on her. I think she may have started a new art craze. Evelyn did that to me at the bank today too.