Part 1

James and I headed to Boston to help celebrate the sealing and wedding of Neal and Rachael. While we were there we got to spend some time with the family and see the sites of Massachusetts.

Day 1 Thursday: After taking an all night red eye flight we arrived in Boston early Thursday morning. Right off the bat we got our first experience of Boston. We had to take the train/subway to met Mark, Lois, Neal and Rachael by ourselves. Luckily we figured it out, met everyone and headed back to the city of Boston to met up with the rest of the family. (Rachael's parents, grandparents, and brother from England). All eleven of us spent the day touring the historical sites of Boston. We rode a swan boat in the Commons, saw Paul Revere's house, a few old cemeteries, The Old North Church famous for the "One if by land, Two if by sea," and toured the USS Constitution (oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world). The best part of the whole day was just getting to know Rachael and her family. It was also interesting because we were touring American Revolutionary War Historical sites with a British family. All day we joked back and forth about Americans being traitors and "The British are coming!" Rachael's family are great people and very humorous.

Day 2 Friday: More History and more family time. Today we started out going to Plimoth Plantation. Here we got to see how the plantation and a nearby Wampanoag homesite were run in the year 1627. There were people there role playing what every day life was like during that time. You could even ask questions and they expressed 17th century viewpoints. After Plimoth we took a glance at the Plymoth pebble (Plymoth rock). For some reason I thought it was much bigger more like an unmovable rock formation but I was very wrong. The people of the town call it the Plymoth pebble instead of Plymoth Rock. Of course it did not help that people used to take chunks of it and it is now only half its size. Even then it was a lot smaller than I pictured. Right next the the Plymoth Pebble was the Mayflower II. The Mayflower II is a re-creation of the original. I was amazed to see how small of a space that so many people lived in for so long. My favorite part of the day was when I got to put my feet in the Atlantic ocean for the first time.

Day 3, 4, 5 coming soon!


Lora Lee Lovell said...

Wow! That is far away! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Marlo said...

I had no idea you guys were all the way back in boston all that time. Did your kids stay behind then? well how fun for you guys!!

Mansius Family said...

The kids got to stay in Tehachapi with their grandparents. They had a lot of fun but I sure missed them.

The Morris Fam said... that the plymoth rock there next to you in the Atlantic?? Ha ha. What a nice trip!