For Aubrey's 2 birthday we finally decided that she was big enough to sit forward in her car seat. We thought that it would finally help her with her fear of driving in the car seat but she is still terrified every time the car starts to move.

On her birthday we had a little party. We are planning on having a family party later on this week so instead of having cake we had brownies and let her open up one of her presents. She loved the Pluto dog that she got! She has a fascination with dogs so when she saw it we could not get her to stop saying, "Doggie doggie doggie!"


Marlo said...

Happy Birthday Aubry, my little birthday twin!!! you are such a cutie!! yeahhh you are finally big enough for the forward facing carseat!!

heidi said...

happy birthday to aubry she looks adorable. and now that you are having baby #4 i guess you have to get a new bigger car, i'll bet you are excited