Lilly's Baby Blessing &
First Time Meeting G & G Mansius

We postponed Lilly's blessing a couple of weeks to make sure that we were able to get both sets up Grandparents there. We meet up with G & G Mansius a few days before the blessing and took a trip to Disneyland. 4 kids and 4 adults. It was nice being evenly matched up for once. We had a lot of fun. It was pretty busy but now overly crowded. We didn't wait in any lines longer than about 15 or so minutes and walked right on to Splash Mountain.

The next day we visited the Nixon Presidential Library. It was very interesting and I learned a few new things about President Nixon. The kids were not to thrilled about it but they did enjoy going through the Air Force One Helicopter that they had.

Then came Lilly's big day. She wore my baby blessing outfit, which Eliza also wore, and had a white afghan that I crocheted for her. We had a lot of family come to share in her special day. Those in the circle were James, G Mansius, G Fitzgerald, GG Dansby, Uncle Andy, Cousin David, and Bishop Bramwell. After church we had a family potluck to celebrate her blessing and because it was on Eliza's birthday we also celebrated Eliza's turning 4. I didn't have my camera with me that day so everyone else took pictures. I will have to post more later when I get some of those.


Lani said...

Such fun happenings for the Mansius family! Baby blessings are so special! Your kids are looking so much older!

Amy and Mike said...

Lily looked so pretty. It sounds like you also had a great time at Disneyland. I got your blog address from the relief society. Ours is, but we have a private site. If you want to be invited to see it just send me your e-mail address. Mine is It's nice to see what everyone is up too. Amy Sharp

Amber said...

I am SUPER jealous! The pictures of your kiddos at Disneyland are SO cute. And the blessing and baptism were amazing too! I'm so glad we could be a part of such special days for my two beautiful nieces. I love those kids! We need to set up a play date ASAP.

Ashley said...

She's so pretty and you're an amazing mom!