Projects I Have Worked 
on this Past Year or so!
I have done a lot of fun craft projects this last year and just have not gotten around to posting about them.  I just wanted to get them all collected in one place.

I'm storing Aunt Joan's sewing maching for her and while my Mom was here she re-taught me how to sew.  These were the dresses that she helped me make.    Next I want to make matching hair bows with the leftover material.

More bows for Sara's 1st Birthday.

Crochet Hairbow for Sara Jean.  I also made red ones for Eliza, Aubrey, and Lilly to match their Christmas dresses they got from Grandma Fitzgerald

Blanket I crocheted for a friends baby but I can't remember for who.  I love making blankets for babies.  I have made several more but somehow managed not to get pictures.

When I was prego with Aubrey I made one similar to this one that was green and purple.  I thought I would to make another one for an auction to help raise money for Joshie's preschool.  I was shocked to find that this went for $20.

I love making themed Halloween costumes for our family.  This year all three girls were flowers and Joshie was a weed.

Photo Blocks that the kids and I made for James for Fathers Day so he could have a photo of us at work.

Baby bunting I crocheted for Baby Sara Bunting my Cousins little girl.

Used my old Christmas cards to make new Christmas decorations

Picked up a book from the library on Ribbon Work to get some ideas for cute hair bows.  The ribbon bow in the back of the flower is something that I wanted to try from that book. Then I thought about adding the purple flower.

 I have make a few more things but somehow I didn't get any pictures of them.  I love to be crafty and make cute things.  Especially if they are gifts for other people.  I don't get as much time these days to do crafty things but I try to squeeze it in when I can


Cassy said...

where did you get your pattern for that cute purse?

Mansius Family said...

What purse?

Cassy said...

it's the blue purse with the white flower-or is it not a purse?