Over the summer the kids got to take swimming lessons.  They went 2 times a week for a month.  We decided to put Aubrey in Level 1 and Joshie and Eliza in Level 2.  They loved it!!!

Aubrey was not sure about getting in the water with someone other than Mommy but the head life guard directed me to a corner where Aubrey couldn't see me and within a few minutes she was fine.  From then on she had no problems getting in the water but still didn't like to put any part of her head in the water or lay back to float with someone holding her.  They still recommend she stay at Level 1 next time around.

Eliza and Joshie both did SUPER well!!!  They were like fish!  Eliza could almost pass everything off in her level except being able to go from point a to point b without having to stop and put her feet at the bottom of the pool.  They also recommended she stay in Level 2.  Joshie probably needed to start in Level 3 but he still had fun and learned a ton anyway.  It was not long before he was swimming quite a ways UNDERWATER!!  That was a skill that they said they learned in Level 3.  Joshie will be moving to Level 3 next time around. 

Even Lilly got her own swimming lesson.  We never signed her up but after a few lesson I noticed that a few other Mothers with kids in lessons were bringing younger children to play in the kiddi pool.  So I asked if it was okay to bring Lilly during swim lessons and they had no problem with it.  Turns out that she LOVES water and has NO FEAR of it either.  Part of the kiddo pool was only a few inches deep and she loved just laying down on her back.  They she saw a few other kids jumping off that section into the 1 1/2 foot section and the next thing I knew she decided to try it.  She was tall enough to stand up but wasn't able to figure that out.  I immediately grabbed her and she started laughing and wanted to try it again.  She did it several times and was never mad that she would go underwater.  SILLY LILLY!!!  I better keep an eye on her when we are near water!!!
(June 2011)