Idaho Part 2
Saturday, July 19
Today was the day of the wedding and I was so excited. This was the second of three weddings that were in my family this summer. Some people thought I was going to be worn out by all the weddings but I wasn't. Weddings are always great but when its a family member it is even better. There was a little chaos with 5 kids and getting them organized but thanks to
Cressa, Tiffany, Amber, and Mom it was all taken care off. We were all there and able to give our support to Amy and Lynn. After the sealing we headed over to the church building in Rigby for a Spain / Ives pot luck lunch. It was fun spending time with the family in a more relaxed setting. Also we celebrated Damion's (my cousin, Callie's boy) 2nd birthday. He was more excited about the cookies for desert though and my kids dived right in to reading his new books. At one point in time he had two cookies in each hand. He loves those cookies!

After lunch Amber wanted to take the kids over to Reed's Dairy but I knew my kids and decided that it was better to have my kids take a nap. I had been to Reed's Dairy before when James and
I were first married and it's a great place. My kids get a little crazy when they are tired and I knew that if I was ever going to survive the reception that night that it would be better just to relax for a little bit. The kids and I headed back to the hotel and just watch cartoons. By the time everyone got back my kids had calmed down and were ready to go. All those that went to the dairy farm had a great time, got to try some really good ice cream, and got to pet a few farm animals.

The reception that night was simple but beautiful. One of my favorite parts was the video playing with pictures of both of them growing up. James and I did the same thing at our reception. Its something that I think personalizes a reception a little but that anybody can do and you don't need a lot of fancy equipment to make it look nice. Amy's color for her reception was a maroon red color and it is always a nice color. We took a lot of pictures and had a lot of fun. Joshua and Eliza made a few friends and ran around a lot. They were full of energy. I stayed until the end and headed back to Rexburg.

Sunday, July 20 and Monday, July 21: It's not easy to say goodbye and the kids and I were dragging our feet saying good bye to Auntie Micki. Joshua was so upset about leaving that he didn't even want to take a picture with her. He acts like a tough guy most of the time but when it comes to leaving family and friends he gets really emotional and very upset. He is a family guy for sure!

The trip home was almost the same as the trip up except we made a very special stop at the Temple Square in Salt Lake. Driving and parking in Salt Lake was crazy with all the construction but once on Temple Square the noise and chaos of the construction just seemed to disappear. We took a tour around Temple Square and then one of the Conference Center. Both were very beautiful and amazing. The kids were super great and we had no problems with them the whole time. There is so much to see between the two places that we could have spent days there but unfortunately we had to continue on home.

That night we stayed with Cousin Randy again. The kids enjoyed the trampoline and chickens and we got to sleep in the tent again. It rained a little so we got a little wet where rain got through the tent but it didn't bother us at all. The whole experience of the trip and the fun of sleeping in the tent was just so much fun. After we got home the kids wanted to sleep in a tent for the next couple of weeks. We had to set up their tunnel tube play area and they slept in there for a couple of days. The next day we continued home and got back around 11 or 12 at night. It was a long day but definitely worth it. I love family trips and can't wait for the next one. 3 weeks and counting...