Katherine has a photography busi
ness and we were guinea pigs so that she could have examples to post on her web site. For a lot of the time Joshua was having a complete melt down and didn't want his picture taken. I think that she did a great job and was able to get a lot of great shots. If she could handle my crazy family that day she can handle almost anything. Here are a few of her shots and you can see more on her website, Flashbulb Memories. Thanks for the GREAT photos.
We love them.


Kathryn said...

Thanks! I have been meaning to get a CD with the good photos to you! I just forget every time I go to Bakersfield. I will try to get you that next time I am down. Thanks so much for the help and the compliments!

Lani said...

Hi Nichole! It's Lani. Very cute pictures of your kids. How's singing time been going? Good luck getting ready for the program!