A couple of Saturdays ago, Kory (my youngest brother) had his first soccer game of the session. So the family decided to get together to support him. We were so excited! Watching soccer games is a favorite past time for our family. We love to watch the games even though it is not easy. There seems to be a soccer bug in our family that runs on both sides and Joshua seems to have caught it. Every time that we go to see a game Joshua would rather be out there on the field with his Uncle Kory then just sitting and watching. He gets to start soccer next year. The kids were really good during this game though I'm sure it helped that between them and my sister's kids, the five of them finished an entire box of Mini Wheats while watching the game. We taught them how to cheer "Go Kory!" and "Go Griphons!" Evelyn had the most enthusiasm. Kory's team played really well and they had a great game even if they didn't win. Maybe next time!

After the game we headed over to Heart Park to have a BBQ and a birthday party for Preston and Kory. Preston turned the big 1 and Kory turned 18. Happy Birthday! David and Lindsey also came and celebrated with us. We enjoyed some yummy food while the kids decided that they were not hungry and played at the play ground. After a while Amber pulled out the birthday cupcakes. She had worried about them all day trying not to let them melt. She stopped worrying about them just long enough for the sun to hit them and BAM they melted. It turned our for the best because it provided for some interesting fun. The kids were all covered in green frosting which also ended up staining them. And when you went to wipe it off all it did was smear even more. Preston was the worse and by the time we had him cleaned up he looked like a mini jolly green giant.

When we finally got every things cleaned up the kids and I headed home while everyone else went back to the soccer park for another game. This time Kory's team won and Kory scored a goal! "GO KORY!!!" It's always nice to get the whole family together and I wished we could do it more often. Even though the job is a little tougher here in Bakersfield for James then it was in Las Vegas we don't regret our decision to move here just because of the time we have gotten to spend with the family. In Las Vegas we were lucky to see my family once a month but now we see them at least once a week and we love it! Now I only wish that more of the family was closer.


heidi said...

i'll bet that was a ton of family, especially have family with you

Lawther family said...

I love the body art! :)
Fun to be close to family to be able to have events like that huh? Joshua will love soccer. My boys just started and they are loving it.

Ashley said...

Oh your kids are so cute! Don't you love how they like to wear their food it must bring eating to a whole new level or something, Paisley always immediatly puts it right in her hair!